Preston, Kingwood District | 120.082


COAL CROP 120.082 ZONE 1 CID 2-10

County, District: Preston, Kingwood District

Net AC: 120.082

Owner: Cox, Charles

Contact:, 304-698-6528

Address:COAL CROP 120.082 ZONE 1 CID 2-10
City:Preston, Kingwood District

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H3 LLC Company Focus:

H3 LLC assembles and manages a vast amount of surface and mineral rights properties. H3 LLC leases rights and land to Coal, Oil, and Gas operators. H3 LLC created after realizing that the State of West Virginia does not have a centralized listing of available coal properties for lease and sale. The State of West Virginia is the largest producer of coal from underground mining, and the second largest coal producing state in the country.

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