About Us


WV Coal Depot is a forum for a free advertising / classifieds service provided by H3 LLC, based out of Milton, WV.  We, H3 LLC, discovered that there is no website that advertises coal properties for sale in WV–one of the greatest, most vast sources of coal in the country.  We offer use of WV Coal Depot free to anyone that owns coal properties, or has the right to advertise an owner’s coal properties.  Our goal is to have all coal owners in the state to collectively have our coal properties for sale in one centralized location.  With this goal in mind, we strive to increase the sales and activity of West Virginia coal properties, thus boosting our local, and statewide economies.


WV Coal Depot is the only online source for all coal properties for sale in the state of West Virginia.  You can post your properties absolutely free, with no fees, and no transaction costs.  If your property sells via the wvcoaldepot.com website, or by any other means, the only requirement is that you notify us so that we may remove the property from the website.  Contact us to create your account, and once your credentials are approved, you may provide us a list of your properties that will be posted.

Disclaimer: Wvcoaldepot.com has the right to refuse and/or end any and all services to any client, if we deem such actions to be necessary.  All properties to be posted on wvcoaldepot.com are subject to approval before becoming visible on the website.  You must be the owner of the property, or have the necessary legal rights to advertise the rightful owner’s property for sale.  By posting on wvcoaldepot.com, we claim no rights to your property, no financial obligations or attachments to your properties, provide no transaction-based guarantees, and have no legal attachment whatsoever to any properties posted on the site.  We will NOT partake in the transaction between the buyer and seller.  They buyer and seller are merely offered a means to connect to one-another, via wvcoaldepot.com  We offer no active advertising services, other than the mere presence of your properties on the website.  We encourage you to advertise and post links to wvcoaldepot.com, at your own will.